Due The Bartman!

ESPN.com reports that the foul ball that bounced off Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman's hands, precipitating the Cubs' monumental playoff collapse, sold for $106,600 early Friday morning. The selling price was slightly higher than the $106,000 paid earlier this month for a Mickey Mantle home run ball hit in the 1964 World Series — that is, a ball with actual sporting significance.

Of course, in the era of the permeable membrane a sports fan may in fact add tangible economic value to the professional sporting contest, as the Bartman case illustrates. Of course, he won't see a dime of the hundred large (as the article made a point of telling us).

A managing partner of Harry Caray's Restaurant Group in Chicago purchased the ball, which will be on display at the restaurant for customers to determine the best way they can think of to destroy it.

Hopefully, Steve Bartman will be symbolically exonerated when the ball is destructed — February 26, 2004.


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