A Gamble

VEGAS LINES, BOOKIES, OFF-TRACK BETTING, CASINOS: the kidneys of the posthuman body-social; a filtration system used for the purification of toxins from the media-net, by reconstituting black market money into a usable electronic form? (Or a teat to be suckled by the destitute? Or the fibrous connective tissue of social networks?)


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  1. sportsBabel » Collective Forgetting says:

    [...] equal 0, for tie scores are anathema). In professional contexts this value c is then compared to Vegas point spreads to determine an even more "authentic" victor, one determined by the logic of the [...]

  2. sportsBabel » Pixel to Pellicule says:

    [...] for intelligence (brain, networked server farm), circulation (heart, stock market), or filtration (kidney, casino). We must also consider the largest organ of them all, at least as far as humans are [...]