Random Voices

  • I disagree with Rebecca Lock: in an uncertain athletic situation during a sporting contest, an ideal docile body WILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!! And after coaching basketball for the highly-disciplined Acadia basketball team, I have ethnographic "evidence" to support this statement.

  • Upon retirement, golf becomes the new work.
  • Will energy-producing cybernetic couplings between human and bike/stairmaster/ergometer become the new form of civic duty?
  • Linds and I are here watching the Knicks-Magic game on TV, in which Rogers Sportsnet is relaying the live feed from the Sunshine Network broadcast. It took a few moments for us to realize why the game was so boring (beyond the fact that it was NY vs. Orlando!): there was temporarily no live play-by-play audio feed. Linds summarized this nicely: "This seems old-school … the audio really does make the game."


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