In the era of high-quality sports simulations, look for extinct sports such as the Aztecan tlachtli to be brought back to life, as if in a Jurassic Park of sports culture.

Beware revisionist history, however, as well as the episode featuring "The first white to play in the Aztecan Professional Tlachtli League!"

They'll have to get rid of that name, though: "tlachtli" just doesn't roll off the tongue, and you know what that will mean for the Google-Nielsen "Goggle" ratings.

Not to worry — the image-makers can take care of small details like that.

More to the point of this weblog, these simulations allow us to live as if simultaneously in all time. While in the present, we recall the past, in order to simulate potential futures. This has serious consequences for how we live as chameleontological beings.


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