a·le·a·to·ry (adj.)

  1. Dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome.
  2. Of or characterized by gambling.
  3. also a·le·a·to·ric Music. Using or consisting of sounds to be chosen by the performer or left to chance; indeterminate.

[Latin letrius, from letor, gambler, from lea, game of chance, die.]

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The more you create village conditions, the more discontinuity and division and diversity. The global village absolutely insures maximal disagreement on all points. … I don't approve of the global village. I say we live in it.

There is no more 'past' under electric culture: every 'past' is now. And there is no future: it is already here.

One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.

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The sportocratic institutions will face unprecedented internecine strife as they wrestle with the fundamental question of whether or not sport represents Truth.

David Stern, potentate of the NBA and its far-reaching empire, I urge you to understand the importance of Global Village Basketball in creating a more peaceful planet!

Humanity has known technology since fire; the crux of cyborgism, then, is the vector of an increasing tendency to incorporate these technologies into our bodies.

Kindly and avuncular, fire-breathing and fist-swinging, Don Zimmer will not be back on the bench next year with the Yankees.

Most American sports fans feel deracinated when watching a high-quality soccer game, with its paucity of scoring and — gasp! — propensity for draws.

Is an Anti-Olympics better suited for building amity between the people of the world?

Professional sport offers a microcosm of broader society: in fact, we are all cyborgs.

The Prophecy

Legacy of TMQ

Brand busts out monster
game to earn bucks back; alas
Sterling's bank broken

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The cyborg athlete must never become impassible, for pain is that which allows us to retain a modicum of humanity.

The sports superstar who is contumacious with the media perhaps senses his cyborgian role as information-factory, and yearns simply to be left alone as an artist.

Alas, Steinbrenner?s largesse went unrewarded this fall, so it is back to the vaults for 2004.

Humankind once harnessed cataracts of water to power turbines and produce electricity; it won?t be long before humans themselves step in to fill that role.

Disconcerting: when my inner voices periodically speak up, sotto voce, to suggest that the sportsBabel project is heading in the wrong direction.

Towards the end of a marathon, one views only wraiths, bodily annihilated, the only feature belying the apparition a drumbeat cadence of footsteps toward the finish line.

After the race, these same runners become vapid and zombie-like as they attempt to reconcile the meaning of their accomplishment.