Signs, Space and the Nike Empire

An interesting item today in the blogosphere: athletic footwear multinational and post-industrial giant Nike has formed a partnership with the city of Vienna to rename Karlsplatz, one of the city's main squares, to Nikeplatz. To commemorate the name change for Vienna — the first city to be so transformed in the new NikeGround campaign — a 36 meter long by 18 meter high Swoosh monument constructed from "special steel covered with a revolutionary red resin made from recycled sneaker soles" will adorn this historic public space.

Courtesy of 0100101110101101.ORG

Of course (?), the entire campaign is a hoax, perpetrated by the art collective 0100101110101101.ORG (I first found out about the hoax via Lying Media Bastards).

Not long ago, I wondered about potential responses against the sportocratic apparatus with regards to the rise of Logos. I suggested that illegal means must be used, if necessary, to assert the fundamental human right to communicate, if such right is threatened. NikeGround is an interesting response.

But its not the only recent high-profile response to Nike. Adbusters, the media activist foundation, has recently decided to get into the shoe manufacturing business as a culture jamming exercise to promote their anti-logo, the Black Spot.

Courtesy of Adbusters


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