Production Begins

<!– Field notes for becoming Fitter Happier –>

I began working out today at the gym, with a conscious effort to take it easy and ease my way into the production process. I biked to the gym so I could jump on a stationary bike for 10 minutes — even though I'll be damned if I jump on one of those treadmills! :)

On the bank of TVs that faces the aerobic equipment (ie. treadmills, steppers, stationary and recumbent bikes): soap operas and golf.

After the bike, I did a few sets each of abs, chest, shoulders and upper back, with a little skipping between sets to keep the heart rate up.

While skipping, I thought that mp3s are ideal for sharing music over the Internet, but mp3s players were made for working out … no skips, guaranteed. Music absolutely makes your workout. My playlist:

"High Roller" — The Crystal Method

"Walkie Talkie" — DJ Shadow

"Space Melody (Extended Mix)" — Avex Trax

"Lose Yourself" — Eminem

"Breathe (feat. Nelly Furtado)" — Swollen Members

"Next Is The E (Club Mix)" — Moby

As soon as I was done my workout, "Where's Your Head At" by Basement Jaxx began to play. On that note, I headed to the beer store to get some Keith's.


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