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The deference that baseball players have for the ambit of the field of play is both touching and chilling.

Steinbrenner's profligate spending won't mean a whit if the Yankees cannot solve Wakefield's prodigious knuckling.

Programming takes the place of cerebration for the athletes in many sporting activities.

The rotund football fan provides the perfect counterweight to the hypermuscularized players and waifish cheerleaders in creating an equilibrium of electric bodies at the modern NFL stadium.

The narcotic slumber imposed on our collective consciousness by the electric media has caused us to unwittingly acquiesce to the cybernetic colonization of our bodies.

The football tailgater, chin bedaubed with barbecue sauce, likes to play make-believe that he is the primal carnivore of time past; it is this hyperreality that blinds him to his incarceration by the disciplinary sportscape.

In the Internet age, the bar-room sports dilettante is elevated to the level of academic — or reduced to the level of network circuit — simply by accessing a few statistical databases.


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