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Given the power that ESPN and parent Disney hold as a media conglomerate, and the latitude the former offers its other writers, the decision to terminate columnist Gregg Easterbrook (aka TMQ) — and then delete his columns as if they never existed — is nothing short of execrable.

The cybernetic consumes the aggressor and the nebbish; only the individual at equilibrium — the one who can revision versus — will survive when pulsh comes to shove.

The high-definition televisual sports simulation — that filial recombination of television, console videogame, T3 broadband connection, and fantasy sports league — could very well cannibalize professional athletes out of existence.

Those who believe that professional sport offers a panacea to the ills and stresses of modern society have consumed too much of the beer-flavoured Kool-Aid and are unaware of its complicity in creating that society in the first place.

An awareness of my own aging body-athletic has become a leitmotif of sportsBabel.

The reason the XFL failed is that it flew in the face of modern team sport as arbiter of Truth.

The recidivism rate for fitness club members has less to do with any inherent weakness and more to do with a hysteria of aging, as the mirror image and video image diverge, never again to cross paths.


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