I Meant To Say "Only Happier"

McDonald's should borrow the slogan from Premier Fitness to promote their new Go Active meals, the fast-food chain's new adult version of the Happy Meal. "Being yourself only happier," the campaign could crow to the obese masses.

To quote the press release, "Instead of Happy Meal standards like a burger and a toy, the new Go Active meal will include a salad, an exercise booklet and a pedometer meant to encourage walking."

Best of luck to Mickey D's. Decades of successful branding are going to prove extremely difficult to reverse. But might as well get on the fitness bandwagon.


One response to I Meant To Say "Only Happier"

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  1. Andrea Watpool says:

    In today’s society people all over are joining into the new crazy of eating healthier. After seeing the scary percentages of obesity in North American, people are beginning to trade in their big Mac and fries for water and a salad. Fast food restaurants are now promoting salads, apple slices and low fat yogurt. Fitness campaigns are slowly trying to change the way people look and feel but changing the menus at fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, McDonalds are known for their burgers and fries and that will never change. Even though they may be trying to support more healthier choices, the majority of people with still go for the burger and fries over the salad because that is what they have learned to love already through media and that is what has made McDonalds one of the largest fast food productions. I do agree with the idea of having the healthier option but I don’t think it will ever fully take over fast food restaurants.