Much Noise Filtered

Thoughts from the preseason Monday Night Football tilt between the NFL defending champion Tampa Bay Bucs and the St. Louis Rams:

preseason football: watching the interview process from home

The Bucs' John Lynch, who was miked for Super Bowl XXXVII, didn't know at the time that the audio feed was "live" — that clips were being shown (delayed) during the actual ABC broadcast — instead believing that the feed was for later use by NFL Films. Is this misappropriation of the digiSelf?

It is reported that the Bucs' Warren Sapp bought $10,000 diamond-and-silver chain link bracelets for every member of the defensive unit to commemorate the Super Bowl win, recalling the "wastrels" of Baudrillard's consumer society. Quoth Sapp: "The defence is only as good as the weakest link."

New ABC fall series Threat Matrix: FEAR FEAR FEAR military-industrial-intelligence complex FEAR FEAR FEAR docile bodies FEAR FEAR FEAR (under direct orders from the President) FEAR FEAR FEAR

Thinking about John Bale's excellent books, Sport, Space and the City (1993) and Landscapes of Modern Sport (1994). The synthetic nature of the domed stadium is poignant. The synthetic action is less so.

Once again, I think to myself: Al Michaels is way too intelligent for John Madden.


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