Action Potential

The Prophecy of The Matrix: in the Western world's continuing reversal to orality, Florida creates "counterterrorism" database that will offer access to billions of records. The First War of the Cyborg continues.

Scientists in Italy have created the first cloned athlete, a horse named Promotea. Eschewing previous attempts that used mass media technologies to create cloned athletes, the Italians chose embryonic DNA technology instead. However, in an unusual "twist for the growing barnyard of cloned animals, the Haflinger mare that gave birth to Promotea was also the source of her DNA, meaning she and her foal are identical twins." Reproduction and traditional kinship ties are dead; replication rules the day.

The Prophecy of The Matrix, II: researchers in Japan develop a device that produces electrical power from human blood. Once again, I ask: how long before athletes at the local fitness club become fully integrated circuits (mitochondria?) into the global posthuman body?

Sometimes our Brains have simplistic notions of robot culture.

Electric technologies give man a hand for an ear

Tampa Bay wins the "American Bowl," an attempt by the NFL to broaden the popularity of gridiron football in overseas markets. Is the NFL a threat to global security?


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