Quality Control

Marty Burns of Sports Illustrated notes in his NBA Playoffs Shootaround:

Worst quote: "It was a good game. Both teams played hard." — Blazers forward Rasheed Wallace after his team?s victory in Game 4. By giving the same non-answer to five questions at a postgame news conference, Wallace was fined $30,000 by the NBA.

Actually, it was really only $10,000 for that incident and $20,000 for a separate violation of NBA media access regulations, but the important question is this:

Since when has perfect quality control ever been a bad thing in business?

Ayo my quality control, captivates your party patrol
Your mind, body, and soul
For whom the bell tolls, let the rhythm explode
Big, bad, and bold b-boys of old
Many styles we hold, let the story be told
Whether platinum or gold, we use breath control

– Jurassic 5, Quality Control


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