Geopolitical Intelligence Update: 05.08.2003


*** e y e s   o n l y ***

Drug Front

A New Mexican religious group sues the U.S. government for the right to take psychedelic drugs in search of self-transcendent spiritual experiences. The pharmaceutical military-industrial complex counters with a series of prominent talking heads "hired to appear in videos resembling newscasts that are actually paid for by drug makers and other health care companies, blurring the line between journalism and advertising".

Media Front

Farhad Manjoo of Salon Counterintelligence uncovers a plot to have your TV spy on you.

Body Movement Front

Megacorp, drawing upon the work of noted military historian John Bale, is having mixed results with the indoctrination of the human POWs.

"Reading Foucault's history of the prison, Discipline and Punish (1979), I was struck by the great similarity between the transition of punishment on the one hand, and of sport on the other, each being transformed from activities undertaken in corporal/public space to those found in carceral/private space. … Indeed, the stadium is regarded as such a secure form of containment that it is, intact, actually used as a prison in times of national security or repression" (Bale, 1994, p. 83).

The POWs respond with subversive body movements.


Bale, J. (1994). Landscapes of modern sport. Leicester: Leicester University Press.


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