Auctioning a Simulacrum

Now that LeBron James has officially renounced his "amateur" status to enter the NBA draft, the bidding can begin for his simulacrum, or the rights to shoe/show his feet/feats.


Who will I wager wins that dubious right? I'm gonna go with adidas, believe it or not. Nike is getting Kobe, Reebok has AI, and adidas only has the undermarketed Tracy McGrady; Sonny Vaccaro will be tough in negotiations for adidas; and perhaps most importantly, adidas would give LeBron a chance to differentiate himself from MJ: if he can take the adidas brand (which is very well recognized around the world) and really crack the American market, that will have been a significant achievement. It should be easier for him to do from New York, at least.

Just a thought.


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