March Madness

dewq/terp at Sport…mediated has written an interesting post about the dialectic of the discursive being. He discusses how someonething on one side of the dialectic pulshes against someonething on the other side in a counter-balancing fashion, reminiscent of Newton's Third Law of Motion. He suggests that I have labeled it versus. He characterizes it as oppositional, adversarial: ?the anti?.

I would like to suggest that it goes a little deeper than that. I think we need to reconceptualize versus as not just a strictly competitive, antagonistic relationship. Versus is also a cooperative, dynamic relationship that is productive. Without both a thesis and antitheses, there is no synthesis. Rather, we are left with stasis. The versus-dialectic is simultaneously competitive and cooperative.

If two teams meet on the court, pitch, or rink, they are competing to determine a 'winner' but cooperating to produce a work of art. The tournament bracket may then be viewed as an architecture that creates competitive/cooperative works of Truth/art.

I like dewq/terp's use of hybrid words, which, in their creation, force both author and reader to contemplate the synthesis, creating a distribution of dialectic potential.


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