The Global Village Scoreboard

A while back, I proposed a metagame of basketball that would give a human-scale experience to globalization. Two comments on the nature of 'score' in such a game:

  1. The importance of 'score' in sport, as well as our fixation on statistics, is a product of modernity. In a postmodern sporting experience such as the Global Village Blacktop, the very notion of 'score' is rendered absurd by the sheer volume of points tallied in all of the gyms around the world combined over the weekend. Modern sport is subverted in the process.
  2. As a result, 'score' takes on a different meaning: any particular individual may have a better appreciation of the scope of the event when considering their own scoring in the context of the overall score. Combined with a video link up between gyms, for a split second that athlete is global/sci fi.


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