The Wormhole Explained (or The Mathematics of Being)

When traversing the portal into the star athlete's body via virtual reality technologies, there are certain biophysical limitations that must be overcome by the interface. For example, a definite limitation that would need to be overcome in a basketball player is vertical leap. These limitations must be mapped by a complex series of measurements that translate the home athlete to the virtually (re)created one.

"I'm Morpheus in this hip hop Matrix … exposing fake shit." — Common, The 6th Sense

The Matrix features a world of enhanced or amplified reflexes in its rendition of cyberspace, termed Bullet Time. However, these amplified reflexes really are just one space-time frame of reference mapped onto another. Suppose that the athlete at home was capable of jumping 22 inches, which took 0.6 seconds. For the athlete to execute this jump in virtual space in the body of an NBA player, they must visually and kinaesthetically complete perhaps a 42-inch, 0.9-second jump during this shorter 0.6 timeframe. The unique set of equations required for each home athlete to map onto the (ideal) professional athlete is the essence of the wormhole.

Can a human being be captured in a set of equations?


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