The Narcosis Effect

From The Sports Guy column at

Q: What is your greatest video game achievement ever? Is it the famed 52 at River Highlands? Or have you accomplished an even greater feat? — Jason Giza, Chicopee, Mass.

SG: That 52 is old news. On "Tiger Woods 2002," I shot a 49 on Pebble Beach, playing on the treadmill, no less. A 49! I haven't played the game since. How do you top a 49?

Now I'm eagerly awaiting the release of "Madden 2003." I haven't been this excited for a video game in years. The defending champion Patriots getting some love in the introduction. Tom Brady's first appearance with a rating in the high-80s. The video opening of CMGI Field. Troy Brown and Adam Vinatieri finally getting their proper Video Game Due. The chance to re-enact Super Bowl XXXI over and over again, although it won't be as fun without seeing sullen Rams fans stumbling out the Superdome after the game like they had been quickly replaced by the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

Hopefully, they'll even include a feature where Mike Martz makes excuses right after he gets badly outcoached in the biggest game of his career; his video alter-ego could say things like, "We didn't play our game," and "They caught all the breaks," and even "I still feel we're the better team." Then we could electroshock him with the L2 button.


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