The Skin of Entertainment?

Imagine the uniforms of your favourite team glowing when they are making a dramatic late-game comeback, or displaying the advertising for a Major Brand Name when they score a touchdown.

Such a scenario could be a reality in the not-so-distant future. Scientists in France have developed a fabric woven with fibre optic cables that can glow with various colours and images (thanks to AIlog for the link).

Provided they are durable, comfortable and breathable, glowing uniforms are a natural fit for the sport entertainment world (not to mention related art forms, such as Cirque du Soleil). The applications are endless: perhaps the person with the ball glows as they streak down the court, just like in a videogame; perhaps the corporate sponsors will fight over whose ad gets displayed on the star athlete's jersey during the post-game interview; perhaps the kids who currently kill each other for a pair of Nike shoes will kill each other for an authentic Champion glow uniform that can beam commercials to them far more easily than ever possible with television.

Makes you kind of pine for the good old ancient Greek days of nude wrestling, doesn't it?


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