Sport (participation): The Anti-Drug

The hegemony of the sportocracy ensures that the polarity of fitness between high-performance athletes and the general public continues to widen, leading to more of the health problems seen in industrialized nations: heart disease, obesity-related diabetes and stress. Yes, maybe more kids are getting involved in sport at a young age — but they are quickly dropping out when they fail to master the motor skills early (this is a generation raised on quick results), and staying dropped out.

Once these kids become adults, their indifference to a lifestyle of fitness is likely to be passed down to their children, and the downward spiral of national health continues.

This is where the sportocracy ties in with another industry: pharmaceuticals. In our quick-fix western culture, it is easier to drug your way back to "fitness" than attack the root of the problem, which is an unhealthy lifestyle. The sportocracy's star system creates the desire to be that fit, but the number of hours we devote to creating the desire (ie. via the media) leaves little time for the actual process of becoming that fit.


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