The Spirituality of Sport Media

Many people incorrectly believe that the sport product is the game itself. In fact, the sport product is information. While this may not be as significant a declaration as McLuhan telling General Electric that the lightbulb business was pure information distribution, it is indeed important to those in the business of sport.

Professional sport is information in the form of images for television, character traits for videogames, statistics for simulations and topics for fan conversations.

If McLuhan is right, then consider: electricity is information, DNA is information, quarks are information — information is life. If the Internet is the distribution of information and sport is also information, then what?

While the logic might be shaky, it certainly gives new meaning to the term "sport is a religion," for is God not life as well?


McLuhan, M. (1964). Understanding media. New York: New American Library.


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  1. Jacqueline Torti says:

    While reading the Spirituality of Sport Media article, I contemplated at first that it is very peculiar to establish a rapport between sport and religion; although, some sport fanatics may insist entirely that they 'cannot live without sports'. After reading this article a second time, it occured to me that this may not be far from the truth. If sport is a religion and sport is also the distribution of information, that proposes that religion is also the distribution of information. Take the bible for instance, a collaboration of authors recounting stories of miracles that occured in the past. Sport fanatics too have their 'massiahs' performing supermundane feats: the Michael Jordan of '93 or the Reggie Jackson of '77. Religion is the distribution of information based on Gods and the rules of Life. Sport is also based on its miraculous sporting events and its saviours. As suggested in the article if God is life and sport is religion, does that not make sport life as well? Then if indeed God is life, it is fair to conclude that sport if life as well.