Hoops Household

My family is a basketball family.

My father played and coached at the university level for over 25 years and both of my sisters and I played at the college or university level. While my mother never played, she always offered keen insights whenever in attendance at a game.

Basketball is in my blood. I'd been around courts for six or seven years before I ever played my first organized game. I watched NCAA and NBA on TV, devoured hoops articles in Sports Illustrated, and gravitated towards any sort of basketball-themed videogame titles.

Courtesy of 'Dot Eaters Classic Videogame History'Though a huge Larry Bird fan, I always loved it when Dr. J dunked on him and shattered the backboard, causing the janitor to come out and talk shit. Fellow hoops fans will fondly remember the can't-miss trifecta in USA Basketball, close-up dunks in Double Dribble, and being "on fire" in NBA Jam. The only game I'll play today is NBA Live.

What's interesting is that while my parents always supported my gaming in general (within moderation), they never purchased a basketball title for the home, where we ate, slept and breathed the sport.

Whether this is because they did not want to detract from my real-life basketball experiences, I'm not certain. But it speaks to a deeper underlying assumption by many that sport and videogames are mutually exclusive entities.

In the future, that may not necessarily be so.


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